Friday, 6 June 2014

Cosy Back Roll Cover

I slipped a disc in my back last week.  Ouch!

Yes, it hurt - big time.  I was confined to sitting up with a back support for days.  I took comfort in my "old faithful", my foam back roll cushion that was permanently wedged in the small of my back!

However, I've had that roll for a long time, and it dawned on me that it could really do with a new cover.  So, me being me, I took pen and paper out, still sat rigidly upright and figured out a plan.

The end result was this:

You like?  I did!  This is it from the side view:

Pretty simple, pretty thrown together, but very effective!  The new cover just slips over the existing foam roll (13" x 4.5" diam.) and buttons up.  I can take it off to wash it in the washing machine.

If your back is anything like mine, it will love you for it!

You will need:

1 skein worsted weight yarn; I used Cygnet Aran (10ply) in “Harvest” colour.
5mm hook for main body of cover;  4.5mm  hook for border
3 buttons; Yarn needle; Foam insert 13” x 4.5” diameter

Gauge: 14 sts = 4” (sc); 12 rows = 4” (sc)

Sc = single crochet
Hdc = half double crochet
Sl st = slip stitch
Ch = chain
Yo = yarn over
Sk1 = skip 1 stitch
Sp = space
Sts = stitches
Beg = beginning
Blo = back loop only
Hdc2tog = half double crochet 2 together
Hdc3tog = half double crochet 3 together
Rep = repeat

Pattern is written in US terms; a conversion chart is included at the end.


With 5mm hook, chain 49.

Row One:  Yarn over, insert hook into 3rd chain from hook, pull yarn through, skip 1 chain, insert hook into next chain, pull yarn through, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops, chain 1; *Yarn over, insert hook into same st as last loop, pull yarn through, sk 1, pull yarn through next st, yo, pull through all 4 loops, ch1 *Repeat from * to * to last 2 sts.  Yarn over, insert hook into same stitch as last loop, pull the yarn through, sk 1, insert hook into next chain, pull yarn through, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops; turn. (46)

Row Two:  Chain 2, yarn over, insert hook into 1st space (directly next to ch 2), pull yarn through, insert hook into next space, pull yarn through, yarn over, draw yarn through all 4 loops, ch 1; *yarn over, insert hook into same space as last loop, pull yarn through, insert hook into next space, pull yarn through, yarn over, draw yarn through all 4 loops; ch 1*; repeat from * to * to last stitch.   Yarn over, insert hook into same st as last loop, pull yarn through, insert hook into top of ch2 from prev row, yarn over, draw through all 4 loops; turn. (46)

Rep Row Two until work measures 13”.  You want it to fit around the back roll, without stretching too much, but also without being loose.  Bear in mind that you have yet to work a border for closing the cover.

Next Row:  Change to 4.5mm hook.  Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn; Repeat this row 3 times.

Next Row: Ch 1, sc 9, ch 3, sk 3 sts, sc 9, ch 3, sk 3 sts, sc to end.

Next Row:  Ch1, sc across, working 1 sc into each of the 3 chain you made for the buttonholes; turn.

Next Row:  Ch 1, work 2 sc in 1st st; sc evenly all around piece, working 3 sc in each corner, except the last one where you return to your beginning 2 sc.  Work 1 sc in this corner and join invisibly.

Cover ends:

Fit your cover around your foam insert so that the edges of the cover meet the edges of the foam.  

Don’t worry if the button band looks slightly big at this stage, it will all come right!

Overlap the button border over the opposite cover edge by 6 sts.  Make sure you overlap equally on both ends.  Mark those sts, for joining. 

Change back to 5 mm hook, and attach the yarn on one end, into the sc you worked around the edge, picking up *both* edges of the button band and opposite end of the cover, so that you are working through both ends at the same time for those stitches you just marked.  This will attach your yarn, join the ends, and prepare for the next row all at the same time.

Work sc through those 6 sts (or however many you needed to overlap for a snug fit), and around the edge, back to the start. Sl st to beginning sc.

Next Row:  Ch 1, sc into the back loop only of each st around the edge, sl st to beg sc.

(Whenever I work into the blo, I find it works out neater if you work the sc into both the 2nd and 3rd loops of the previous sc – as in the pic below)

Next Row:  Ch2, *insert hook into next sc, yo, pull through, sk 1 st, insert hook into the next st, yo, pull the loop through, yo again, and pull through all 4 sts on the hook, ch 1*, Repeat from * to * to end, sl st to top of beg ch 2.

Next Row: Repeat previous row.  This time do not ch 1 between each completed stitch – this will be a decrease round.  Sl st to beg ch 2.  (You are essentially working hdc2tog all around this round, but beginning each hdc2tog in the same stitch in which you completed the last stitch).

Next Row: Repeat previous row.

Next Row:  Ch2, hdc3tog all around, sl st to beg ch2.

Break yarn, leaving a tail.  Weave the tail through each st remaining, to draw the final circle together, and weave in ends.

Repeat for the other end of the cover.

To add definition to the end circles, make a slip stitch and attach yarn to the front loop where you worked sc into the blo on the first round.  Slip stitch into each loop around.  Join and finish off invisibly.

To further add definition, work a row of reverse sc around over the slip sts.

Repeat for the other end.

Sew on your buttons to match where you placed the button holes, tidy up any ends, and your back roll cover is finished!  Sit back, place the newly covered cushion behind your back, grab a cuppa and enjoy your handiwork!  J

©AG Handmades 2014

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This item matches the Cosy Cushion Cover shown below: