Friday, 18 July 2014

"Hailey" Quick and Easy Newborn Skirt

Sleepless nights are not always in vain.

Last night's "crochet while you can't sleep" session ended up with this little 0-3 months baby skirt - the "Hailey" Quick and Easy Newborn Skirt.

A very, very simple design, which anyone with a knowledge of single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet and front and back post crochet can make in a heartbeat.

Using Light Worsted yarn (DK/ 8ply), this skirt works up very quickly indeed and can be a definite "go-to" when someone needs a gift really fast!

A drawstring waistband and a simple "V" stitch throughout, with a shell edging on the hem completes it.

“Hailey” Quick & Easy Newborn Skirt

This pattern is written in US terms, a chart is included for UK terms

Materials:  1 skein light worsted (DK/8ply) yarn; yarn needle, 3.75mm hook
Size:  0-3 months; Waist 16” – 18”; Length 5.5”-6” (adaptable)

Abbreviationssc = single crochet; dc = double crochet; hdc = half double crochet; sk = skip; sl st = slip stitch; beg = beginning; rep = repeat; fpdc = front post double crochet; bpdc = back post double crochet; ch = chain


(1):  Using 3.75mm hook, foundation stitch sc 60 sts; alternatively, chain 61 sts, sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc to end, turn.

(2):  Ch1, hdc in same st, hdc across, join to beg hdc, being careful not to twist. 

(3):  Ch1, *fpdc in 1st st, bpdc in next st*, rep from * to * to end, sl st to beg fpdc.

(4):  Ch1, repeat Row (3)

(5):  Ch1, sc in same st, sc all around, sl st to beg sc.

(6):  Ch1, sc in same st, *2sc in next, sc in next 2 sts*, rep from * to * to end, sl st to first sc. (76)

(7):  Ch1, 2 sc in same st, sc 4, *2 sc in next, sc 3*, rep from * to * to last st, 2sc in last st, sl st to beg sc. (92)

(8):  Ch 4, dc in same st, *sk 2 sts, (dc, ch1, dc) in next st*, rep from * to * to end, sl st to beg ch4.

(9):  Ch4, dc in same st, *(dc, ch1, dc) in next “V” space*, rep to end, sl st to beg ch4.

(10):  Rep Row (9) until skirt measures 5”, or length desired.

(11):  Ch3, 4 dc in same “V” space, *5dc in next “V” space*, rep from * to * to end.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Tie Cord:  Using a 5m piece of yarn doubled, Chain 130.  Fasten off. 

Thread tie cord through between the front post stitches of the waistband, and tie in a bow at the front.

Enjoy your new “Hailey” baby skirt!

©AG Handmades 2014

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