Sunday, 14 September 2014

Poppy comes to town...

For those who want a lighter but longer wrap/scarf/shawl, here is the Poppy shawl.

Similar to the "Dawn" shawl, but made with light worsted weight yarn (Double Knit/8ply), and made longer to use as a wrap.

Bordered with mesh and chain sts, and tassles on each corner, this shawl is very versatile and comfortable to wear.

The pattern is simple, and works up very quickly.


**Pattern is written in US terms, a conversion chart is included at the end**

Materials:  3-4 skeins light worsted weight yarn (DK/8ply) 5.5mm hook; yarn needle

Finished measurements: 60” x 42”

Abbreviations: yo = yarn over; ch = chain; rep = repeat; beg = beginning; hdc = half double crochet; dc = double crochet; trc = treble crochet; tmc = treble mesh cluster; sc = single crochet

Special Stitches: Aunt Aggie’s Treble Mesh Stitch:  (tmc)
(Yo twice, insert in same space as previous st, pull yarn through, yo, pull through 2 loops, yo twice, insert into next space, draw yarn through, yo pull through 2 loops, yo, pull through 4 loops, yo pull through last 2 loops)


With 5.5mm hook and light worsted weight yarn, make a magic circle (alternatively, ch 4, sl st into 1st chain to form a circle); ch 3, work 3 dc into ring.  TURN.

Tighten the ring, but not too much.  You are now working on the top of the dc you just made.

Row 1:  Ch 5, 1 trc in same st; Ch 1; *tmc (see special stitches) beginning in same st as previous trc and ending in next st; ch1,* rep from * to * once; 2 trc in last st; Turn.

Row 2:  Ch 5, 1 trc in same st; ch 1; *tmc beginning in same space as previous st and the next space; ch 1* rep from * to * to end; 2 trc in top of beg chain from prev row.  Turn.

Repeat Row 2 until work measures approx. 40” in length (or whatever length you wish to make it) from the bottom of the triangle to the top flat side.  Do not turn.

At the end of the last row, work the border as follows:

Row 1:  Ch 1, dc in same st, *Ch 3, dc in end of next trc*; rep from * to * to bottom point.  Ch3.  Find the centre st of the point, in it work (dc, ch3, dc, ch3, dc, ch3, dc), then ch3, and carry on as before with dc into the end of every trc, and ch3 separating them. 

When you reach the top corner, work (dc, ch3, dc, ch3, dc) into that st, then ch 2.  Dc in next space, ch 2, dc in next space, and so on, all along the top edge.   When you reach the corner where you began with a dc, into that same space work: (dc, ch3, dc, ch3);  sl st to beg dc.

Row 2:  Ch5, sc in top of next dc, rep all the way to the bottom point, around the bottom point, and up the other side.  Once you get to the top edge, work *ch 3, sc in top of dc* to last 2 loops from prev row.  Ch5, sc in next dc, ch 5, sl st to sc from prev row, at the base of the beg ch5 you did when starting this row.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Cut 6 lengths of yarn each 12" long, for each corner of the scarf (total 18 lengths 12" long); fold 6 of them in half, holding the loop over your finger - thread that loop through the very corner loop on the scarf, pull the ends of the yarn through that loop to fix them on to the scarf, thereby making a tassle for the corners. Repeat for the other corner and the back point; trim evenly.

There you have it… a lighter and larger version of the “Dawn” Treble Mesh Shawl. 

                                                                                                                            © AG Handmades 2014

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