Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ice, Baby!

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A pretty little pompom beanie that looks great worked in a yarn with a glistening metallic strand.  Just the thing for a Winter’s day out.

To fit 0-3 months and 3-6 months

Materials:  1 skein worsted weight yarn (aran/10ply) in main colour; 4mm & 4.5mm hook; yarn needle; Small amount of white yarn for pompom.

Abbreviations:  sc = single crochet; hdc = half double crochet; beg = beginning; rep = repeat; ch = chain.

Gauge:  12 sts, 16 rows single crochet with 4.5mm hook = 4”

Pattern is written in US terms; a conversion chart is included at the end.


Use 4mm hook for 0-3 months; 4.5mm hook for 3-6 months.

Row1:  With Main Colour, make a magic ring; ch1; (sc ch1 sc; ch3; sc ch1 sc; ch3; sc ch1 sc; ch3; sc ch1 sc; ch3) all into ring; join to beg sc.

Row 2:  Sl st to next ch3 space; ch1, *(sc, ch1, sc , ch3; sc, ch1, sc, ch3)  all into ch3 space; rep in each ch3 space around, sl st to beg sc.

Row 3:  Sl st to ch3 sp; ch1, *(sc, ch1, sc , ch3) in ch3 sp;  (sc, ch1, sc , ch3; sc, ch1, sc, ch3)  all in next ch3 sp*; rep from * to * to end; sl st to beg sc (12 x ch3 spaces)

Row 4:  Sl st to ch3 sp; ch1, (sc, ch1, sc, ch3) in every ch3 sp around, join to beg sc.

Repeat Row 4 until hat measures 5.5” (6”) from crown.

Next Row;  ch1, sc 1 into ch1 spaces, and sc 3 into ch 3 spaces, ignore all other stitches.  (48 sts).  Sl st to beg sc.

Next Row:  Ch1, sc around; sl st to beg sc.  Fasten off.

With white, make your pompom in your usual way – I used a pompom maker, but you can use cardboard if you wish.  Instructions given at the end of this pattern.

Attach pompom to hat, weave in ends, and your Ice, Baby! Hat is complete!

©AG Handmades 2014

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