Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Holiday Throw

Hey peeps

No I didn't fall off the planet - still here and working hard!

I'm not designing anything at this particular moment, though I have a few ideas in my head for the beginning of next year.  I am currently beavering away on Christmas presents/orders like my life depends on it, and happy to be working on a throw today, because the weather is dreadful!

This one is a classic.  Not my design, it's a Red Heart design but I love it.  The Holiday Stripes Throw.

The pattern is over 11 rows, and though that might seem complicated, it's not.  It's actually very easy.  Just keep a note of which row you are on and you will keep track without any bother.  I am looking forward to having this one finished (even though it is keeping me warm as I work on it!) because it is so lovely when completed.

It's the kind of Christmas gift you can give to just about anyone.

The pattern calls for 2 shades of red, but I am working mine with FIVE shades of red and two of green, and loving the subtle colour variations.  I just have to keep my five skeins lined up so that I know which one I am working with next.  :)

Give it a go!  I am sure you will love it too.

Oh and there will be another freebie at the end of the week (well, it is Christmas :) ).  I am not sure which pattern to make free for a week yet, but if you have any preferences, let me know here or on Facebook.

Happy Holiday preparations!

AG :)