Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Back from Vacation!

Good morning all

Just a wee mini-blog to say that I am home from vacation, and I know I have been quiet, but I am finally getting back into the fray!

I had a wonderful break.  Since it was the first proper vacation I had taken for many, many years, it was sorely needed.

Having toured the Mid-West of the United States, checked out the yarns in the US stores, and generally rested up a while, I have come home refreshed and with plenty of ideas for new projects; the first of which is a simple motif that is currently being blocked.  The pattern is all written up in preparation for photographs being taken.

It will be a motif which you can use as you wish, with any yarn you wish, to join up into all sorts of projects - your own imagination is the only limitation!

Watch this space!

AG :)