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This first CAL post forms the beginning of an ebook for your reference, and is downloadable from the link given at the end.  Other sections may be added as the CAL progresses.

See also the Introductory Post here:

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for graphic editing and production

Written by
Jen Mackenzie
Mistie Bush
Mo Bryce
2015 CWU & AC Group Mystery CAL
Written and designed by Jen Mackenzie and Mistie Bush

We would like to thank you for taking your time to crochet with us, and we hope this ebook will give you some hints and ideas as to how to layout your central squares for the various sizes of blankets you could make.

Please note:  
The extra 6" calculated includes a total of 6" to the length and a total of 6" width.

text jpeged blanket size.jpg

Here are some ideas for laying out the squares you may need for the size you choose to make. Be aware that these are only suggestions. The blanket we are making is Crib size, 30" x 36". You may, of course, lay out your individual blanket as you please, with any many or as few squares and rounds of bordering stitches. In fact, it would be great to see some of your creativity in this! All sizes can be adjusted or rounded up or down.

Master Grid
This grid is for reference only. The following grids are sized to the size of the blanket chosen.
This grid can be used to decide how many granny squares you wish to have on your blanket, assuming that you are using 6 inch granny squares.

grid page.jpg
The color grid page is for reference. This is the suggested number of granny
squares for the 2015 Mystery Cal in sizes other than the 30 x 36
that we will be making. The grid in the middle, each rose colored square
represents one 6x6 inch granny square. The pink rectangle represents
the edge of the blanket. The white between the pink
and the rose squares represents the rows around the squares and the border.

colour grid.jpg

California King Size:

CK.jpg  ck2.jpg

King Size:

82x86.jpg   82x86b.jpg

Queen Blanket:

queen.jpg   queenb.jpg

Full/Double Blanket:

dble.jpg   dble2.jpg
Twin Blanket:

twin.jpg   twin2.jpg

Youth Blanket:

youth.jpg   youth2.jpg
Crib Blanket:

crib.jpg   crib2.jpg

Adult Afghan:

adult afghan.jpg   adult afghan2.jpg

lapghan.jpg   lapghan2.jpg

Child Afghan:

child afghan.jpg   child afghan2.jpg
Large Preemie:

lgepremie.jpg   lgepremie2.jpg

Medium Preemie:

medpremie.jpg   medpremie2.jpg

Small Preemie:

smpremie.jpg   smpremie2.jpg

All images are owned
Mistie Bush American Crochet
Jen Mackenzie AG Handmades
Mo Bryce
All Right Reserved
© 2015

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The whole pdf of this page can also be viewed and downloaded HERE