Hats & Sets



A hat that has a pulse and is so easy, you can make it "in a heartbeat"!

Such a simple rib pattern that lets you churn out these hats very quickly for any size.

An idea from a friend that turned into a hat!





(see also the "Charlotte" Infinity Scarf which matches these hats)


Some women are heroines - what can I say?  This is for them.


A very pretty and comfortable Winter hat


Men just want simplicity, don't they?  Here's a beanie/slouch/turned up hat for anyone, but especially with the guys in mind.


Justa Beanie, but with so much potential!

Simply the Teens/Adult version

Another ribbed beanie, simple and quick, just for the guys (psst, you can have one too if you really want to!)


I love this hat - you can make it a little baby pompom hat or a bold statement!  Have fun!

Christmas Infinity Scarf/Cowl and Beanie

A quick little set that is sure to cheer up any dull Winter day!