Thursday, 17 July 2014

The "Diana" Collection!

I am so excited about this set.  It has been so much fun to imagine, to play around with until I got it right to my own satisfaction, and finally to create and complete it.

Let me introduce you to the "Diana" Ribbed Baby Collection.

The whole set fits 6-12 months.

It started off as a new style of booties, with a buttoned strap for adjustment.

I then added the hat - which I thought was not bad, with the removable flower, and its ribbed chunkiness for the Winter time.


After the hat and booties, I decided to try making a skirt to go with them.  Starting off with the waistband measurements, and working from there, the "Diana" Ribbed Skirt with Adjustable Waistband was born.  A few tweaks along the way, and it is finally finished.

Very cosy and warm, chunky but soft, with two waistband straps that button up and can be adjusted from as small as 16" right up to 22" and the straps with still button up nicely.  Likewise, the straps are adjustable on the booties for a snug fit.  The length of the skirt is 9" from the waistband to the hem, but of course, being a simple ribbed pattern, you can adjust this to make the skirt as long or as short as you wish.

So say hello to the "Diana" Collection!

You will find the the three items here:

The Diana Cuffed Padders

The Diana Ribbed Beanie

The Diana Ribbed Skirt

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