Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Sturdiest Ever Market Bag by Celina Lane of Simply Collectible

As you all know, because of personal circumstances, I've been in a bit of a "slump" lately.  I haven't had much imagination for designing, though I hope that will return very soon.

Meanwhile, frustrated with having to keep remembering to buy plastic bags at the store to carry my goods home, I decided I needed to make myself a new market bag.

Enter the wonderfully easy and functional "Sturdiest Ever Market Bag" by Celina Lane of Simply Collectible.

Now mine doesn't look as good as Celina's; mine was made in rather a hurry, and the picture isn't brilliant, but you can see what a great bag this is.

Lots of stretch, and because it's worked with two strands of cotton, it is very tough!

To make mine, I had some spare skeins of Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn that needed used up, in different colors - green and white, red white and green multi, and orange and white.  I started with the green and white, and just changed colors as the remnants of the skeins ran out, ending up with the lovely bright orange and off-white at the handles.

I LOVE this bag, and I love this pattern.

The pattern itself is sooo easy to follow!

I watched N.C.I.S. while making it, and I like to really get into the plot of that program, so you can see that the bag took very little concentration and counting.

Celina has done a great job with this pattern and I know I will be making another bag very shortly.

In fact, I already have the yarn set out to begin!

Thank you Celina for a great idea, and a great product!

Oh! The pattern also includes a free flower embellishment, though I didn't make that.

Give it a try - I know you will love it!

AG :)